- Jenna Fischer,
star of "The Office"

The Boox Review

Actors uninitiated in or perhaps disillusioned with the casting call process may well wish to allocate a small portion of their professional expenditures toward the purchase of this glib and uncompromising guidebook about the business of acting, penned by a practicing talent agent with over a decade of war story experiences upon which to draw.

Inspired and not yet famous, dramatically gifted aspirants will learn many valuable lessons, including "Tools of the Trade" (proper training, headshot, resume, demos); "Getting an Agent" (important how-to's); "How to Be a Good Client" (being a pro and making a big impression); "The All Important Meeting" (many examples of how to pitch to a potential agent and how things can go very wrong — or very right); and "Rules of the Game" (a powerfully succinct top ten list for ultimate success).

The final word here? Agent-author Martinez provides a highly readable reality check for actors who may have begun to suspect that their own roadmap to the top of the marquee is serving more as a roadblock — and for starry-eyed Tinsel town newcomers who are about to take the plunge and make the really big move to the left coast.

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