- Jenna Fischer,
star of "The Office"

I know it sounds cheesy to say, but this book is a must read. It will take you an evening to get through (not very long or dense), and every word deserves it space on the page. I signed with an agent 2 weeks after reading this.
- Amazon review
“An Agent Tells All” is a huge blessing in my life! It’s really going to help me with this next part of my path and I'm very thankful for that. I get so excited when I read your book and you're funny as hell, which it's nice to see the personality of the agent as well.
- Kelly Hamilton
I just got the book and knocked it out the same day. Congrats, it was a great read. Thanks for sticking your neck out and telling us how it really is. I learned a lot, and I appreciate that.
- Gabe Estrada
Being an actor from Sydney I had no idea what to do when USA casting types started calling me the last few weeks. Your advice on managers may have just saved my career! Loved the book so much and will recommend it to others. Next time you're in Sydney and need someone to shout you a beer; I would be happy to!
- Sean-James Murphy
Just read your book, couldn’t put it down. A great book. The best book on the subject in my opinion, and an easy and fun read. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
- Bill Mendieta
Just wanted to say you've written an excellent book that explains everything in an easy but comprehensive manner. I will refer your book to my students. Good job!
- Parry Shen
I recently read "An Agent Tells All," and couldn't put it down. What a revealing book!!!  I'm a newcomer to LA and reading your book was the best thing I've done since moving here. Through your wonderful book, I've gained not only a wealth of information but also gotten back some of the confidence I lost since moving here.
- Nazan Aykor
Just grabbed “An Agent Tells All” this evening and plowed through it in a few hours, not without breaking out the trusty highlighter though. It was definitely worth putting my Friday night plans on the backburner, especially the section on managers.
- Adam Larson

This letter was posted on a Los Angeles acting school’s website:

To my actor friends,

Amazon delivered today a copy of "An agent tells all" by Tony Martinez. I opened its first page right after 3PM. No, I don't have a specific reading day, I needed to get other parts of my acting business done today which I stayed home for, like rehearsing a piece for class, plucking hair from my eye brows, trimming resumes, practicing my Russian for my 10AM dialect class and loading my staple machine with staples, etc.

I didn't get those done. I spent the next 3 hours reading its 216 pages. And it was only 3 hours 'cause I love to go to my busy wife and read paragraphs and share the wisdom only to hear "Ricardo, I have to prepare for my class, I can’t listen to you quoting books, get on with it."

You get my drift. It doesn't matter in what stage of your acting career you are, you have to read it. If you are not even remotely interested in looking for an agent, or don't think you have anything to be represented yet, or you do, no worries, the book is not about that. It's about a whole lot of other stuff too. And, yes, please read it if you do have an agent. And yes, definitely read it if you are going to meet one next week.

I had a hell of an education today about some aspects of this business (yes, I don't mind admitting my vast ignorance), I got to refresh other aspects I was very aware of and I did flatter myself when bumping onto aspects I do master. Okay, I master just two.

If you haven't already done so, read this book, damn it. I learned a lot. Now I can go back to my Russian and to my staple machine.


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