- Jenna Fischer,
star of "The Office"

Library Journal

Martinez is a veteran Hollywood acting agent who, after reading several clueless how-to books on landing an agent, decided to write his own. The result is an entertaining and candid look at everything from how to move to Los Angeles to how to assemble headshots and demo reels.

From the start, Martinez maintains that the only way to succeed in the acting business is by getting an agent; he goes on to explain how various aspects of the industry work, before dissecting topics like submitting to and following up with agents. Here, he touches on an overlooked aspect of working with an agent: how to keep yourself on his or her radar after you've been signed without being obnoxious.

Each chapter opens with an amusing celebrity quip about the acting game that underscores the greater truths that Martinez imparts throughout. Funny anecdotes warn against the pitfalls to which many novices succumb, including being inappropriately aggressive and wearing the wrong clothes to an interview.

While similar titles tend to stray from the harsher realities (e.g., how hard it is to get an agent in the first place), Martinez refreshingly tells it like it is.

Recommended for all general and performing arts collections.

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